Turkish Tax News

He was born in Kars. After graduating from Kars Cumhuriyet High School, he entered University of Ankara/Faculty of Political Sciences and completed his higher education here in 1984.

Following his graduation from university, he was appointed as Asistant Tax Inspector after taking the entrance exams and interviews conducted by Finance Ministry. Upon completion of assistantship period, he successfully passed the written and oral proficiency exams, and was appointed as Tax Inspector in 1988. He was subsequntly appointed as Chief Tax Inspector in 1995. He served as the Head of Department in the General Directorate of Revenues for a while, and later on worked as the Vice President of Revenue Administration before leaving public administration for private sector. He is currently working as the Tax Managegement Director for Turkey’s leading communication and convergence technologies company Türk Telekom A.Ş.

He is fluent in English and has a master degree in the field of business administraition from Scranton University based in USA.

He is married and father of two kids.

e-mail: bulent.tas@yeniekonomi.com.tr
tel: +90 312 241 14 00