Turkish Tax News

He was born in Mardin. He graduated from Ankara Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences in 1979.
He started his career as an Asistant Inspector with the Public Servants Pension Fund in 1981.
He served as Inspector, Chief Inspector and Consultant for General Manager in this institution.
He was sent to Belgium to do research about the developments in the field of private pension funds in 1990.
He also worked as the Asistant General Manager of Taksim Otelcilik A.Ş. and Emek İnşaat ve İşletme A.Ş. respectively.
He is one of the few founders of VERGİALGI website and currently preparing the section titled “ Social Security with A. Metin Aysoy”.

He has hundreds of articles related to social security and labor rights published in prominent daily newspapers such as Star and DÜNYA, and professional magazines and websites like Vergi Dünyası, Yaklaşım, Lebib Yalkın , VERGİALGI, muhasebedr, and alosgk .

At present, he is working as a social security expert/writer. He is fluent in French, English and Arabic.