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Diyadin YAKUT
05 June 2016Diyadin YAKUT

Taxpayer Feedback System Updated

The updated version of the taxpayer feedback system via which taxpayers across the country are given the opportunity to electronically file their demands and suggestions has been launched.

The new system which was inaugurated in June 2, 2016 at the presence of the Commissioner of the Revenue Administration Mr. Adnan Ertürk, has undergone various technical changes in line with novel technological developments and taxpayer needs to enable taxpayers to communicate their demands and suggestions in a much faster and easier way.

With this taxpayer-friendly system fully in place, taxpayers are now able to receive answers to their inquiries and demands via emails regarding to their tax situation and status such as current tax-debt and other tax-related circumstances provided that they contact Taxpayer Communication Center at 444 0 189 without physically going to a tax office.

Furthermore; taxpayers, besides searching their tax-related status, can also file their suggestions with respect to services performed in individual central and provincial branches of Revenue Administration by contacting Taxpayer Communication Center at 444 0 189 or leaving a written message to the www.gib.gov.tr and expect a swift response to their suggestions from the administration.

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