Turkish Tax News

Born in 1993, in Ordu, he completed his Elementary School and Highschool educations in Bursa. In 2012, he started his Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Economics at Dokuz Eylül University.

In 2013, he attended Kaplan College, in Cambridge, United Kingdom to get a Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language. In the same year, he got admitted to the Department of International Relations at Anadolu University.

In 2015, he got accepted to Tubitak’s Entrepreneurship Academy. He worked on projects about digital payments systems.

In 2016, he got accepted to Farabi and Erasmus student exchange programs. He earned a full scholarship grant to study at Başkent University. Afterwards, he completed the Erasmus program at Pavia University, Italy.

Upon returning to Turkey in 2017, he was awarded his Bachelor’s Degree from Dokuz Eylül University in the Department of Economics.

He started his career in the private sector by taking part under the organization of various units. In 2014, he worked on projects to increase the operational efficiency in manufacturing. He spent 2015 in the department of finance.

Between 2016 and 2017, he assumed the position of Sales Specialist focusing on the imports and exports operations.

In 2017, he was promoted to the position of Export Sales Executive. He carried out the company’s sales activities focusing on Europe, North America, South America, Africa and the Gulf States. He assumed an active role in the performance of management and operational activities of the firm based in Germany within the organization of his group.

In 2019, he started his Postgraduate Degree at Altınbaş University in the field of Economics. He is currently working on his research for his Master’s Thesis.

His work mainly focuses on behavioural finance, cryptocurrencies, international trade and marketing. He assumes an active role in the social responsibility projects.

He continues his work within the scope of the VERGİALGI Voluntary Young Journalists of Economics Project.