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Diyadin YAKUT
23 June 2016Diyadin YAKUT

Negotiations of Double Taxation Prevention Agreement with Afghanistan Commence

The first round of talks between Turkish Republic and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with respect to inking an agreement on the prevention of double taxation practices has been held in Ankara between 6-8 June, 2016.

It was reported that the negotiations have been going on in a very positive manner so far and both sides have largely reached to a mutual understanding on the parts of agreement’s final text and wording.

The aspects of the agreement that remained disputed between Turkish and Afghani delegations will be left to be renegotiated during the second round of meetings that will be set with the consent of both sides after aforementioned parties reevaluate their positions with regard to specific articles.

The agreement, once fully put into force, will make tremendous contributions to the trade volume between two countries and create a level playing field for both Turkish and Afghani entrepreneurs by providing a stable and predictable investment environment.

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