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Mediation Center opens in Istanbul at Anatolia Courthouse

Vahit Kaya

A mediation center has opened at the Anatolia Courthouse located in the Kartal district of Istanbul in order to resolve legal conflicts between individuals before they go to court. Within the installation of the mediation system, conflicts between individuals will be resolved quickly because there will be no trial process.

In fact, the conclusion of a legal case takes an average of two-and-a-half years in Turkey. But when people benefit from mediation, their problems are sorted out in one to two days or in one week at most.

The parties just pay a reasonable fee for the mediation service. Turkish Mediation law, which went into force in June 2013, provides citizens with alternative dispute resolution in private legal conflicts, without having to go through formal court proceedings.

Both parties in a dispute can agree to pursue mediation with a qualified mediator without court proceedings or filing a lawsuit, while also securing their right to withdraw from the process at any time. As for the criteria used to employ mediators at mediation centers, is to be graduates of a faculty of law and are given 48 hours of training on mediation.

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