Turkish Tax News

He was born in Mardin. He graduated first from T.E.D Ankara College in 1981 and than from University of Ankara/Faculty of Political Sciences in 1986.

Following his graduation from the university, he was appointed as Asistant Tax Inspector after taking the entrance exams and interviews conducted by Finance Ministry in 1987. Upon completion of assistantship period, he successfully passed the written and oral proficiency exams, and was appointed as Tax Inspector in 1990. He was subsequntly appointed as Chief Tax Inspector in 1997.

He also served as the special consultant to Finance Minister for a while. After his job as the special consultant, he worked as the Vice President of the Financial Crimes Investigation Board and Vice President of Tax Inspection Board respectively. Also, he headed Tax Inspectors Association for a full term.

He is fluent in English and has a master degree in the field of economics from Michigan University based in USA.

He has many published articles, and he is currently working as a Sworn-in Chartered Public Accountant.