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Diyadin YAKUT
25 April 2016Diyadin YAKUT

Electronic Notification in Taxation

Based on relevant regulations made in Turkish Tax Procedural Law numbered 213, any tax-related notifications should normally be done either via post, official declaration or by a civil servant.

But as a part of wider efforts of digitalization the public sector carried out nationally, electronic notification can also be employed, besides three other means specified above, by the Revenue Administration to contact taxpayers beginning from 1 April, 2016.

According to the new regulation, electronic notification can be employed for corporations and those individuals that gain the status of taxpayer based on their commercial, agricultural and professional income and earnings. Also, other taxpayers are eligible to demand from the Revenue Administration to be included in the electronic notification scheme.

Working Mechanism of Electronic Notification
Concerned documents will be sent to electronic area allocated to the relevant taxpayer after being electronically signed by the tax office. Following that step, the concerned taxpayer will receive an information e-mail/sms regarding the electronic notification to the mobile phone or the email address previously declared. Documents sent electronically will not be mailed via the post.

Documents sent through electronic notification system will be deemed as ‘notified’ at the end of the fifth day following the date of arrival to the electronic address.

Taxpayers can view and print notified documents by signing into their account on the electronic notification system at www.gib.gov.tr. Beginning with May 2016, documents electronically notified to individuals can be viewed on e-state (e-devlet) portal as well.

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