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Diyadin YAKUT
06 November 2016Diyadin YAKUT

Deadline for Tax Amnesty applications extended to November 25, 2016

General Communique with respect to implementation of the Law on the Restructuring of Certain Public Receivables numbered 6736 by Presidency of Revenue Administration, a semi- autonomous tax body affiliated with Turkish Ministry of Finance, went into force following its promulgation in the Official Gazette in 3/11/2016.

According to aforementioned Communique, the deadline for the applications to be filed with tax offices within the framework of the tax amnesty Law numbered 6736 was extended to 25th of November from its former deadline of October 31, 2016. Despite the Ministerial decision to prolong the end date for the applications enabling more and more taxpayers to benefit this generous opportunity window of avoiding tax examinations by voluntarily and retrospectively increasing their tax bases at certain rates; the deadline for paying the first installment stays the same as designated in the Law numbered 6736. So the taxpayers, no matter when they file their applications regarding their volunteer increase in tax base for past years (tax periods), they still have to pay the first installment by the end of this month, namely until November 30, 2016.

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