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Diyadin YAKUT
23 June 2016Diyadin YAKUT

Administration’s Interactive Tax Consulting Module Now Fully in Use

The Presidency of Revenue Administration has launched an online module named “Interactive Tax Counsel” and integrated to its official website(www.gib.gov.tr) to enable taxpayers sketch their tax liabilities by setting a largely precise tax timetable within Administration’s wider strategy of enhancing tax compliance which has been consistently pursued for some time.

By using this interactive program, taxpayers, particularly those who start their business activities, have the ability to obtain necessary information regarding their taxation procedures and form a timetable with respect to their liabilities arised from taxes.

Now confined to tax liabilities and procedures pertaining to commercial revenues derived from commercial activities of real person taxpayers within the context of Personal Income Tax Law, the new program is planned to be developed to encompass other types of revenues and earnings and corporation revenues regulated in Turkish Corporate Income Tax Law.

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